Demo Day Registration

We are working hard on two in-track technology demonstrators, showcasing light and heavy rail deployments. They are scheduled for completion during 2024 at  BCIMO (Dudley) and GCRE (South Wales) respectively. 

We would like to show the world what we have developed, and explain a little about how it works. To do this, we are planning a number of technology demonstration days. The days will allow small groups to examine both on-track and on-train components, and witness the system in action. We will fix exact dates to suit track access restrictions in due course, and we will open the doors only when the time is right for us.

We have created an expression of interest form below for those who wish to join us on these demo days. As places are strictly limited, and therefore subject to status, please help us by describing why it is you would like to see our demonstrator (Hint: Those who can help us move to market faster may be at the front of the queue!). If you're lucky, you might get to drive a rail vehicle. If not, you might get to watch us do it. Either way, you will come away with a promotional rubber duck.

What will we do with this information?

The information we collect here will be stored and used solely for the purpose of providing information about, and invitations to, our technology demonstration days, unless you request otherwise in your response. This information will not be shared with any third parties.